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Maintenance And Cleaning For Your 5 Gallon Cooler

Cook & Cold Coolers
Step 1: Unplug cooler. Remove 5-gallon bottle from cooler.
Step 2: Remove the WaterSafe/WaterGuard top from cooler so that the reservoir is exposed. (See directions below on how to remove top.)

Directions for Removing WaterSafe/WaterGuard:
Type 1: WaterGuard with Filter on Outside (Beige) Pull top off cooler with one hand while holding down cooler
with opposite hand.
Type 2: WaterSafe (White Color) This device is attached to cooler lid. With one hand reaching to the back of cooler lift up on cooler lid. At the same time with opposite hand push (tap) on the side of the cooler. Remove complete lid and WaterSafe.

Step 3: The reservoir will be full of water. Drain the reservoir completely. There is a removable baffle in the reservoir. Remove the baffle from the reservoir.
Step 4: Prepare a cleaning solution in a calibrated container with household chlorine bleach at a concentration of 1 teaspoon per 1 gallon of water.
Step 5: Fill the reservoir with the prepared solution.
Step 6: Allow the solution to stand for about 3 to 5 minutes.
Step 7: Drain faucets into a pitcher and dispose of chlorinated water.
Step 8: Fill reservoir with Le Bleu Water. Drain cooler completely with clean Le Bleu Water. Discard this water properly.
Step 9: Take a clean, damp cloth with water and wipe WaterSafe/WaterGuard down. (Do not get filter wet.)
Step 10: Place WaterGuard/WaterSafe lid back on cooler and place 5-gallon bottle back on cooler.

Hot & Cold Coolers (Red Faucets)
Use boiling water in place of chlorine solution. **WARNING** Do not add chlorine bleach in a Hot and Cold Cooler.

Water coolers are like any other appliance in your home, please clean regularly.