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Le Bleu's patent pending purification process enables us to produce the highest quality of bottled water in the market today.

We can take water from almost any source, such as municipal supplies, wells or springs and purify it through steam distillation. We go 5 steps beyond Mother Nature before the water even enters the bottle, eliminating the inorganic minerals and chemicals that could be in other waters.

Le Bleu Ultra Pure Bottled Water is...

  • Sodium Free
  • Fluoride Free
  • Oxygenated with Ozone

    You know that fresh, clean smell of the air after a lightening storm? It's caused by the storm's lightening bolts literally electrifying the oxygen molecules of the air, which results in the formation of ozone. It can also be created artificially in water by the use of high-voltage electricity, which is how Le Bleu generates ozone to remove all impurities from our ultra pure water. This process is called "corona discharge".

    Ozone is the most powerful water sanitizer and disinfectant available. It purifies water much faster than chlorine, functions as a clarifying agent to "polish" the water molecules, improves the clarity and clearness of the water and is the most powerful and rapid-acting purifier available. Ozone kills bacteria, toxins, mold, yeast spores, organic material, parasites and even viruses. Le Bleu uses ozonation as just one step in our 5-step purification process to provide you with the cleanest and safest bottled water possible.

  • Chlorine Free
  • Lead Free
  • Kosher Certified

Compare Le Bleu's taste and purity with any other bottled water and you make the choice. "You'll like what we do to it"!