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I would just like to inform your company of how pleased I am with your products. First, I started with the cooler tank that holds 5 gallon containers. I totally agree as a physician that this is the best water have ever tasted. I recommend it to my patients. I would like to be able to buy some small bottle waters to give to patients to take with their daily medications. When I decide to do this it will be a big order! My patients are very dear to me and I know that with each passing day their last visit may be their last. It's a very hard profession but I love the people here in Eastern North Carolina. I'm originally from PA. Anyhow, I recently did buy a case of the ISO-ADE Volcanic Blast and carried it to the clinic. The patients loved it! Everyone keep saying it taste like Gatorade. I enjoyed as well, not just something for my patients but the electrolytes in it.

Dr. Pamela A. Lepera - Greenville, NC
Leo-Jenkins Caner Center and Boice Willis Clinic

We wanted to take a moment to express our thanks and appreciation for the fine service we have received since we signed up for Le Bleu Water services in January of this year. We were very excited to get the new Le Bleu system and the great taste of Le Bleu water. We were so pleased with your products & services, that we would highly recommended Le Bleu to others, as confirmation of the quality of the products and the excellent service that we have received. As a representative of Le Bleu Water of Greensboro, you have set a great example of the character of persons we like to do business with..

L.P., Stokesdale, NC

I am currently serving in the U.S. Navy, and I was privileged enough to taste your magnificent water. I am writing this message to request information because my wife also really likes your water and she and I would like to find out if its at all possible to find out if there is a distributor near our location of Norfolk, Virginia.

D.S., Norfolk, Virginia

We were staying at the Meeting Street Inn in Charleston, SC and they gave complimentary water every day of your product. We enjoyed it so much that we are curious where we can purchase your product here in Memphis, TN.

C.S., Memphis, TN

Just tasted your water and found it enjoyable. Tell me more about your purification process.

Drs. D. & S. M., Myrtle Beach, SC

My husband and I were at Kure Beach last week. Your water was the only water that I could drink. I did buy other brands first. Then I saw Le Bleu and that was it. I have been buying water from another company for years. Now I would like to buy your water.


I cannot find any other bottled water around here that even comes close to your water. They say they have the best spring water but that's not what we want. We want Le Bleu water!


I'm from the Virgin Islands and loved when Le Bleu was introduced; it was the best bottled water I ever tasted. My mother sells it in her store and could barely keep it in stock. I'm interested in becoming a distributor in the Atlanta market area.

W. B., Virgin Islands

I have been drinking Le Bleu water for several years and prefer its taste to all others, even Penta.

S.B., Ladson, SC

I'm looking for information on your delivery to Georgia. My mom buys water for me and brings it to me on visits. Needless to say we run out in between and drink less satisfying water. PLEASE COME TO GEORGIA!

N.C., Georgia, SC

Please understand that your product is not a luxury for us - we use it for health reasons, as our director cannot drink regular tap or spring water. As a result of having to drink different water for the last two days, she is now having kidney pains- your water has been a salvation for her, since she has had a congenital weakness in her kidneys, and found that your product made assimilating water much easier for her.!

J.M., Belleville, NJ

I am writing from Port Charlotte, Florida which was hit by Hurricane Charley in August. After Charley we were made available with liter bottles of your wonderful drinking water. I would like to ask about ordering more cases of your drinking water.

B. A., Port Charlotte, FL

I was introduced to your water in Winston Salem, NC and love the pure taste. Unfortunately I live in San Diego, CA. Do have any stores in this area that sell your water?

J. K., San Diego, CA

I would like to know what stores in my area carry the Le Bleu products. We live in Northeast Florida near Gainesville, and have never seen your products in our stores. Can we order the soaps and shampoos on-line? And we love the bottled water.

W.W., North East, FL

We are new to the area and have found that we like your water best.

K.G., Chaplin, SC

I would like the nearest location to purchase Le Bleu water. I live in Winder, GA. I think your water is the best but haven't been able to buy it locally.

S. W., Winder, GA

I live in Ft. Myers Beach- Hurricane Charley skimmed our coast with a 7 foot tidal surge- we are one of the disaster areas. The Red Cross provided us with food & water for weeks. One of the waters they had for us was your 20 oz. bottles of Le Bleu- we love it. Sorry to say we can't find it here. I'd take bottles to work and all the other nurses were picking up my bottle and reading it and asking me where they could get it. Is there anyway we can get more?

And thank you for providing the Red Cross with your water in Ft. Myers Beach- no matter how it got all the way down here. Thanks!

B. L., Ft. Myers Beach, FL

I would like to know if there is a distributor in Georgia that has your water. I had some of it over the weekend that a friend of ours had and it is wonderful!

E.W., GA

I tasted your water today for the first time. It is delicious!

M. H., Richmond, VA

While vacationing in NC we had water trouble in our vacation home. The company repaid us for all the store brand bottled water we bought by giving us 2 cases of Le Bleu before we came home. We didn't open the cases until we returned home but we definitely did notice a big difference in the flavor of Le Bleu in comparison with any of our local bottled waters, and wanted to know if there was anywhere in Pennsylvania that we could buy it.

L. T., Altoona, PA

I want to thank-you for my home delivery of Le Bleu. It is very convenient and my husband drinks more water than ever. With our busy schedule we can keep it cold and ready to take anywhere we go. We have started taking Le Bleu to our beach home. My cat that has been with me for eighteen years drinks Le Bleu. I am sure good care has added years to her life. The sample of soaps works really well at the beach also. Again, thank- you for a great product!

L.M., Raleigh, NC

My name is Mike. My wife, Sandy and I live in the Arcadia, Florida area. We were recently devastated by Hurricane Charley. We were without power for 15 days. A disaster aid station was set up approximately 2 miles from our home. We would go there daily to get water and ice. That is where we were introduced to your product. We had never tasted water so pure and wonderful. I spent 20 years in the military, traveled all over, and never tasted water so good and refreshing. I intend to make Le Bleu a part of our household. We are moving to the Jacksonville area real soon and hope we will be able to get this great water there. I would like to take this time to thank your company for coming to the aid of the hurricane victims. It is greatly appreciated what you did and we are looking forward to enjoying your product in the years to come. God bless you and thanks for your efforts and this great product.

M. G., Arcadia, FL

This is the first time I've ever been compelled to write a company and praise a product. While fishing the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament week before last, I knew one of the days would be a scorcher and we'd need lots of water, so I stopped at the Pelican's Roost in Hatteras and picked up a dozen large bottles of Le Bleu of Le Bleu.

At one point in the day and not paying particular attention, I reached into the cooler and pulled out a bottle that had been provided us in the tourney "goodie bag". I noticed it wasn't very refreshing. Kind of thick and "oily".

A while later I figured I'd try one of the bottles I had purchased that morning. The first sip was unbelievable! Compared to the "other" bottle the fresh, clean, pure taste of Le Bleu was like the difference between drinking Cold Duck and Dom Perignon.

I was so amazed, I performed a taste test with the rest of the crew, and I can safely say you now have 6 new customers.

G. M., Norfolk, VA

Hello Le Bleu, I miss your water! I recently moved from NC where I worked in the Cisco Systems office in RTP to the Los Angeles, CA office. Much to my disappointment, I did not find your water here. Do you distribute it in CA or have to move market here? I think it would be very popular here. Most people are very health conscious and would see the superiority of your product.

A.M., Los Angeles, CA

My name is Debra and I live in Statesville, NC. I will drink only your water and no one else's. I have encountered a problem. I have gone to not one but six different stores of all kinds looking for your product only to find that they do not carry it. All I see is this stupid Dasani and Deer Park water everyone I go. Do people not know what good water is? I have visited 2 Food Lions, 1 Bi-Lo, 1 Wal-Mart, 2 Kmart's, and even 2 gas stations and found none. I have gone to places in Statesville, Kernersville and Greensboro. I am about to give up. Please help me by letting me know where to go to get real water not sodium filled water made by a soda company.

D.C., Statesville, NC

Just a short note to let you know that I have compared our water with the taste and purity with other bottled water and have found yours to be the better of them. You can tell the difference with the purification system you mention on the bottle..


I recently cruised around Edenton, Elizabeth City, and Currituck Sound. We purchased a case of your bottled water and I think it is the best on the market. Is there any possibility of it being marketed in the Richmond, VA area? Your drinks are also much better than the name brands. Would certainly enjoy having your products sold in our area.

M. B., Richmond, VA